Google Workspace

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose Google Workspace for your small business. The preferred brand of cloud-based business solutions by over 5 million people all over the world:

1. Document Sharing

Collaboration is the key to your small business. With Google Workspace you can easily share your files with fellow team members in the Google Workspace account using Team Drive. You can control how the files can be accessed either just view-only access, comment, or where fellow members can edit the file sharing, and/or full access that allows a member to manage the entire folder.

2. Increased File Storage

File storage is becoming a problem of big corporations down to small businesses. Mailbox storage tripled in size over three (3) years as users shared large files, needed to retain and search large numbers of emails. Subscribe to Google Workspace and store massive amounts of data in the cloud! Get up to 30GB cloud storage unlike with limited physical devices. It enables teams to collaborate, upload large files from photos to documents, and innovate together from anywhere in real time. Use Google Drive every day to collaborate on press and product releases, notes, sales reports, blog posts, promotion mechanics, office updates, and dozens of other documents.

3. Have your own domain name

Customise your team’s business email ( There is no such thing as a small business when creating a strong branding. Helping promote your company by having your own domain name, and build trust with customers.

4. Manage your team’s email accounts and files are owned by the company

If the employee leaves the company, you can control and access the employee’s email in Google Workspace and the files (Google Docs, Slides, Sheets). If individuals leave the company, the admin or the owner has full access to the file, unlike regular email accounts. While those who leave lose access to the files, but team access continues uninterrupted.

5. Multiple email alias and domains

You can create several email aliases or domains and still, it would lead to the same email accounts.

6. Single Sign-In

Tired of multiple sign-ins? Google Workspace enables a single sign-in for other cloud-based business applications such as Pipedrive, PandaDoc, etc.

7. Customized user interface

You can customize the user interface by placing your company logo instead of the Google logo.

8. Seamless experience to all devices

Simply by signing in regardless of what devices your team is using, it could be Microsoft, Mac, or Android. Google Workspace allows users to store and share in the cloud, synchronizing files across all your connected devices, and connecting your real time.

Teams could access Google’s powered business tools on mobile devices as required. Connecting employees, partners, and customers face-to-face improving responsiveness to queries.

9. Added Security

Work securely anytime. Google Workspace has added a 2-step verification for users. If you log in to Google Workspace or other related applications using another computer, Google will text you your verification code which you would input to the verifier. This is very important in securing the cloud backup particularly if it contains sensitive files.

10. 24/7 Support

Google has a 24/7 support for Google Workspace users. You can access the support team by phone, email or through chat, helping your small business achieve greater potential and team to stay on top of your game.

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